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Garnier Lashes is a high quality mink eyelashes manufacturer and vendor. Garnier Lashes has won the trust and support of thousands of mink eyelashes entrepreneurs with its fast delivery and high quality products and thoughtful after-sales service. Garnier Lashes is now a well-known mink eyelashes vendor in the USA and the world. We will continue to design and innovate to make our customers continue to grow! Our current products include 20mm Mink Strip Lashes, 25mm Mink Strip Lashes, 3D Mink Strip Lashes and Regular Mink Strip Lashes.


In the past few years, many customers have consulted us about improving product quality and designing new styles of mink eyelashes. They have asked that mink eyelashes be made into the best quality eyelashes products in the market, so that our customers will have greater competitiveness in the increasingly competitive and accumulated market. Divide it into an invincible position!

You know not all 3D Mink Lashes are of the same quality. We really want to produce and supply mink eyelashes that look good and are totally different from those wholesale in the market. If you read on, you will know.


Who Are We


We started to produce Mink Lashes three years ago. When we first started production, we produced more than 100 pairs of 3D Mink Lashes each time and then gave them free experience to our own workers, friends and customers. Every time we made a product, we would let them experience it personally. We would ask how about mink eyelashes? Is mink eyelashes comfortable? Does it feel natural to look in the mirror? How soft is the eyelash line? Everyone will make an experience report after each experience, so that we can improve the quality of products continuously through the improvement of the experience report over and over again.

After hundreds of experiments and hundreds of experiences, we have succeeded in making mink hair that is completely suitable for human wear. This is the result of many people’s efforts, and we will also make questionnaires, “What do you think of wearing this lashes?” Would you recommend this eyelash to your friends or family? After 90% of our product experience satisfaction, we will bring our products to the market for sale. We very much expect them to give us a lot of feedback, then listen to the feedback from customers, and then make further modifications. In this way, after two years of hard work, we have achieved the best of our products. It can be said that we succeeded.

For a wholesaler of Mink Lashes, wholesale eyelashes is not difficult, but how can you find a high-quality supplier and provide you with high-quality mink eyelashes? This is very important. If you always wholesale some low prices, poor quality eyelashes, your sales work may be simple, but your after-sales will be very difficult, you will encounter a lot of returns, you will lose a lot of customers, you will lose confidence in your eyelash business, remember, do eyelash business if you always do new customers, no old customers you will never succeed!


Why Do Some Entrepreneurs Grow Bigger and Bigger?


On the contrary, some entrepreneurship businesses are getting smaller and smaller. Why do the same efforts lead to different results? Let’s answer you: because you chose the wrong product at the beginning, so no effort can be successful. Eyelashes are a brand product. Customers customize their own LOGO packaging boxes, but how can a brand come into being when product quality is not good? Even if you have more customer groups, product quality is not good, and your customer groups are more, you will not buy once again, and will not recommend to others to buy your eyelash products.

On the contrary, if you buy good quality eyelash products, you don’t have many customers, but you start selling them to one person. First, This person will buy again. Second, this person may recommend three people to buy your eyelashes. This eyelashes business is very simple. Viral marketing is just like this. But viral marketing really needs good products. A good brand can not be achieved without good quality products. .


How to Start Your Own Eyelashes Line/Brand?


If you really want to be a brand, you have to choose mink hair of good quality. If you only want to choose the cheapest product, you have to make a brand. I suggest you not waste your time, because 99% of this will fail! If you still have to do it, you can only waste your money and time, which is our sincere suggestion, because we have met too many customers to do this. I hope you will be ready, thinking well, doing market research, investigating products and product experience before you decide to wholesale mink hair. Please Click Here <<Easy Way To Start My Own Eyelashes Line>>

Why can’t we wholesale cheap eyelash products (low quality products)?

  • The eyelashes you bought for the first time may be different from the quality of the products you bought in bulk later on.
  • The eyelash style of the sample you purchased may be quite different from that of the goose feather you purchased in bulk.
  • You buy inexpensive eyelash stalks very hard, your customers wear them like wearing a wire, believe that he will not buy your products again in the future.
  • The eyelashes you buy are asymmetrical, because the price is low, the supplier will not pick out the defective products and sell them to you together with the authentic ones.
  • The hair ends and hair roots of your eyelashes are not consistent. They are very beautiful to wear.
  • The hair on your eyelashes will fall off because of the low-cost glue used by the supplier.
  • The eyelashes you bought smells like chemicals. It smells like perm. It’s carcinogenic.
  • The products you buy are made by hand and semi-automatic machines. They can do more than 100 pairs a day. Our workers can only do 10 pairs a day by hand. What’s the difference between 100 pairs a day and 10 pairs a day?

Of course, the above shortcomings of our products will not occur, because we have spent two years to amend, of course, if we correct these factors, then our cost is several times higher than the low quality eyelash products is of course!


Start Your 3D Mink Lashes Brand Business!

We have our own design team in our factory. You can buy 3D Mink Lashes directly from us to make your eyelash business go smoothly!And you can customize eyelashes according to your own requirements, customized style only you own!

The average retail price of 3D Mink Lashes in the United States is $20-30, so that you have enough profit margin to wholesale our eyelashes to earn 4-5 times the profit. At the same time, we also ship sales solutions to customers on our retail website platform.

If you are selling receiving and dispatching business, we strongly recommend that you add 3D mink eyelashes to your products, which make 3D Mink Lashes a popular product, but also can bring you a lot of wig customer traffic.

Most importantly, when you need your own brand customized packaging, we can provide you with customized packaging, print your LOGO on the packaging, let the 3D Mink Lashes sales have their own brand, and our customized packaging has a minimum order quantity of 50, for you the water threshold is very low, we do not recommend the use of plastic. Transparent boxes are then labeled with a plastic label. The packaging grade is very low. Customers will not think that your eyelashes have a value of $20-30. Please remember that even the best products need good packaging!

Garnier 3D Mink Lashes Produce

  1. Technology: Our natural mink eyelashes are handmade, because to ensure the symmetry, beauty, consistency and perfection of the 3d eyelashes, one of our workers can only do 10 pairs of mink fur eyelashes a day, and the number of eyelashes we make is limited, so It can guarantee that the quality of our 3d mink lashes is no problem.
  2. Raw materials: We use the longest hairs on the tail of the mink, the peaks are very long, there are no cuts, no hair follicles and hair tips, it will not can’t look unnatural. Our mane is Cruelty free and is mainly collected during the hair removal of the mink.
  3. Improvement: The suppliers of general are chemically treated with a certain amount of chemical material for the shaping process. If you think about it carefully, you will find  some chemical taste for the eyelashes you purchased. And our use of eyelashes is in contact with the skin every day, the skin and chemical potions end up. You should know what will happens, which is very scary.

The lashes of our eyelashes are all heat treated by physical properties, without any chemical treatment. Through temperature control, our wholesale lashes have no odor. We can confidently say that only one of us in the world has this technology, we all Have a pictorial certificate, click here to see our certificate


Customize Your Own Box 


Eyelashes are high-end products, and high-end products must have high-end packaging. Our company provides you with logo design, packaging design and other services. As long as you propose it, we will do our best to do it. The customer is God, your satisfaction is the purpose of our service.

CEO Lashes Designer Daniel Bring You Love,Peace,Passion,Natural,Beauty



Garnier CEO designer is Daniel, in China domestic mink eyelashes designer is no more than two people. He is one of them. You know in world 70% of 3D Mink Lashes is made in China, every year Daniel will push new styles and hot styles to worldwide, who is the creator of hot fashionable mink lashes, is our Master Daniel.

Some of VIP clients will enjoy design, Daniel will design the mink strip eyelashes according the love theme. The most Great design this year is topic rose, These top 4 style is selling 200,000 pair according our sales record, Daniel design 4 style mink lashes according to LILY, we know LILY symbolize LoveElegance, Wealth, Honor.



 Our 3D Mink Lashes Certificate of Quality


Garnier Lashes Is Your Best Choice Mink Eyelashes Vendor


We are have semi-finished products mink eyelashes factory, finished factories and a complete sales team, the products sell well in Europe, the United States, Mid-east, Australia, South Korea, Japan and other countries and regions.

From raw materials to all aspects of production can be strictly controlled, we have a complete production system, to ensure delivery and product quality. Relying on “first-class technology, first-class products” concept of production, has always been in the leading position in the false eyelash industry.We struggle for your trust and satisfaction!

We’re manufacturer has own mink lashes wholesale and in this business for 10 years. Eyelash styles including 95% of the models in this line, We are also committed to the research and development of new products.

We have SGS and BV certificates. Magnet eyelashes, Mink Lashes Wholesale, Ordinary Mink Eyelashes wholesale, 3D mink eyelash vendor, eyelash extension all can be produced in our factory.


About Delivery and After Sales Service


About Delivery :

if it is a personal buyer, a small batch of ordering boxes, we will prepare the products you need within 3 days, and will deliver the goods to you. The shipping time will send the boxes to you within 3-5 days.

If the wholesaler needs to customize a large number of boxes, our delivery will complete the production of the box in 5-7 days, and the box will be issued on the day of completion, and the shipping time will also be between 3-5 days arrive.

After Sales Service:

We support the return policy. If you purchase our 3d lashes, if there is a problem with the product reaching your hand, please take a photo and send it to us. When we are sure that we are our problem, we will accept the return and give you a best explanation. So dear, don’t worry, welcome to order our wholesale mink lashes, look forward to working with you.

How To Order Our Wholesale Mink Eyelashes ? Contact Us Below :

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          Website:     http://www.garnierlashes.com/

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