Why are 25mm Lashes So popular InThe Market?

Why are 25mm Mink Lashes So popular InThe Market?

25mm Mink Lashes

Now on the market, the most popular is undoubtedly the eyelash industry. Garnier Lashes, as the most popular Eyelash Vendors in the eyelash industry, certainly knows its customers. According to the order data of Garnier Lashes, the Wholesale 25mm Mink Lashes style is currently the most popular and best-selling eyelash style.

Why is the 25mm eyelash style the most popular?
Everyone wants to have their own home court and wants to make themselves the focus. The 25mm eyelash style is very dramatic and fluffy. If you choose the 25mm eyelash style to attend a party, then you must be the focus of the audience, and all the lights will revolve around you.

Garnier Lashes has more than 100 lashes style,You will definitely choose the eyelash style that suits you

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The Beautiful Transparent Eyelash Case Is On Sale! !

The Beautiful Transparent Eyelash Case Is On Sale! !

Recently, because many eyelash enthusiasts have come to Garnier Lashes for eyelash ordering and packaging box customization. However, there are a lot of eyelash packaging box customizations that are expensive and have a long production time. This is unacceptable to many customers. Therefore, in order to solve this problem, we have introduced a beautiful crystal eyelash case, which can also be equipped with Base paper of various colors. A lot of choices, what are you still hesitating, my friends?


Amazing!!!DIY Marble Packaging Box!!

Amazing!!!DIY Marble Packaging Box!!

Love, are you looking for a stylish and cheap Eyelash Packaging Box?

Seven Styles Marble Packages Boxes have already arrived.

You can DIY your own logo on it,and the minimum order is 30,The production time of the box takes only three to five days.

There is a video about Marble Packaging Box !!!



Why Do We Have To Customize The Private Packaging For The Mink Lashes?

Why Do We Have To Customize The Private Packaging For The Mink Lashes?

Many of my clients are asking me the same question: Do i have to customize the eyelash packaging for my eyelash brand?

My personal suggestion is that you don’t recommend custom packaging at the beginning. You can order a small amount of sample test quality first. If you think the quality is good, you want to start your own eyelash business, and then order the packaging is not too late….

Then, where do you go to customize the quality of the packaging?

The answer is Garnier Lashes.

We have our own packaging factory, you can make your request, our company design team will do their best to design for you.

If you want to customize the packaging, come to contact me.

Website: www.garnierlashes.com

Instagram: garnierlash

Email: garnierlashes@gmail.com

WhatsApp/Phone: +8615264203006

Spring Is Coming, Hurry And Wear Beautiful Mink Lashes Out To Play!

Spring Is Coming, Hurry And Wear Beautiful Mink Lashes Out To Play!

The cold winter has passed and the vibrant spring is coming. Spring is a good time to go out and play, and it is also a good season for dating. Every girl has a beautiful princess dream, I hope that I can dress up beautifully to go shopping with friends and go on a date. Therefore, the beauty industry has gradually developed, and eyelashes have gradually been favored by many beauty bloggers and enthusiasts. Similarly, the new eyelash industry has also developed.

Garnier Lashes is a eyelash vendor of high-quality mink lashes. We choose the highest quality Siberian mink, which is completely free cruelty. We use the best service and the best quality eyelash products to prove our company, we don’t make false trade, we support sample orders, support you to try our eyelashes, we are willing to prove our experience with your real experience. Yourself.

The Evaluation Of Garnier Mink Lashes From New Customer And Successfully Became My Old Customer.

It is very important to choose a new style of Mink Lashes.

What Is The Difference Between Garnier Lashes And Other Eyelash Vendors?

The Special Offer For Custom Eyelash Packaging Box Begins!!

The Special Offer For Custom Eyelash Packaging Box Begins!!

With the continuous development of the beauty industry, more and more people choose to start their own eyelash business and create their own beauty brand.

First of all, the first point to choose a premium mink lashes, start your own eyelash business;

Second, you have the eyelash style can not be without the packaging of the eyelash box, so custom eyelash box is also very important, because the eyelash packaging is your eyelashes

A key factor in branding.

However, because many eyelash vendors do not have their own eyelash  packaging box production plants, they also need to find their own box to make the packaging factory, so this will need to wait for a long time. For this problem, Garnier Lashes has also been discovered, so we have purchased a large number of eyelash packaging boxes according to the needs of customers in the past, and purchased a special printing logo machine, we can greatly shorten the customization time of the eyelash packaging box. , let you receive your favorite eyelash packaging box in the shortest time.

Therefore, recently we have created a new custom-made eyelash packaging box, the minimum order quantity is 302.5 US dollars each, 3-5 days can be finished for you.

What are you still hesitating, take the time to start customizing your eyelash box packaging! ! ! !

Mink Lashes Wholesale Best Eyelash Vendors

Mink Lashes Wholesale Best Eyelash Vendors

Garnier Lashes is a eyelash vendor and eyelash manufacturer with high quality.We not only produce mink lashes,but also wholesale mink lashes.Our product have 3d mink lashes,18mm mink lashes,20mm mink lashes,25mm lashes,regular mink lashes,lashes glue,lashes tweezers,and we also can custom lash packaging.

Fast Delivery

Our workers are experienced, they can not only produce high quality eyelashes but also complete production tasks at the specified time. Because of this, we can promise our dear customers to ship in the shortest possible time. Even if the warehouse is in stock, we will ship the customer on the day of the order date, and it will take about 2 to 7 days to reach the customer.

High Quality Products

Providing high quality mink lashes only to our customers has always been our development goal, and we are indeed doing this. We believe that inferior products have no future. What we pursue and hope for is to seek partners who can cooperate with us for long-term stability. If you think so, please contact us!

Thoughtful after-sales service

When you order our mink lashes and find that there is a problem with the quality, we will not shirk our responsibility. We will be responsible for you when we confirm that this quality problem is indeed our mistake. Of course, if you don’t know what styles of mink lashes are better, we will recommend the best-selling styles for you!

We have become a well-known lash vendors in the United States and even the world!We will continue to innovate, ,constantly design new style of mink lashes, to make our customers continue to expand!

Whether you are just starting your own lashes career or have your own eyelash brand, we are looking forward to working with you, and we will let you experience what is the Best Eyelash Vendor!

Wholesale 22MM Mink Lashes New Style From Best Eyelash Vendors


What Is The Difference Between Garnier Lashes And Other Eyelash Vendors?

Why Garnier Lashes Can Sell For $800 A Day In A Short Time?

Why Garnier Lashes Can Sell For $800 A Day In A Short Time?

First of all Garnier Lashes’ 25mm lashes wholesale and 20mm lashes wholesale are very popular in the United States. Every time my customers buy them back, they are sold out in two or three days. My customers will order again. I ask the customer why, my customer said Mainly my customers are too fond of your mink eyelashes.

My Customer Said:

Every time I order eyelashes from you, most of the 25mm lashes wholesale and 20mm lashes wholesale are the eyelashes that my customers have ordered for me, so I will sell them very quickly, every time I go to The number of eyelashes you order is increasing. My eyelash business is getting better and better. I mainly choose the right eyelash products. Good eyelash products will attract more customers to order eyelashes. Naturally, The eyelash business will become more and more popular, and the daily income will be higher and higher. I said that selling $500 a day is a bit less. Now I can sell more than $1000 on a regular day.

I have confidence in my customers. They buy eyelashes from me. Our 20mm lashes vendor and 25mm lashes vendor are very beautiful and even perfect. The customers bring our water lashes and feel very comfortable. The texture is very soft. Washes eyelashes, still have finished cleaning the 3D effect, the feeling is very magical.

What Is The Difference Between Garnier Lashes And Other Eyelash Vendors?

Why Do We Have To Customize The Private Packaging For The Mink Lashes?