Where have the Garnier Lashes in Qingdao been improved?

Where have the Garnier Lashes in Qingdao been improved?

In order to make the eyelashes curl more, the eyelash suppliers that are generally supplied are all chemically shaped, that is, what kind of nitric acid is used to shape the hair. What do you remember when you burn your hair? Yes, that is the taste.

If you think about it again, do you have a chemical smell in your eyelashes? This is what nitric acid! The eyelashes we use are intimate contact with the skin. If our skin is in contact with chemical water for a long time, the eyes have a strong discomfort. This eyelash treated with water has a long-term contact with the skin, giving the eyes and The damage caused by the skin is terrible!

However, the curling of our eyelashes is heat treated by physical properties, without any chemical treatment. Our eyelashes have no odor. We can confidently say that only one of us in the world has this technology. This technology is also our core competitiveness. we all have environmental certificates.

The eyeliner glue of our products is soft and durable. When used properly, it can ensure that the hair is not easy to fall off! And naturally curved, more easy for consumers to wear!

The eyelashes of other eyelashes on the market, after a long time, the eyeliner becomes hard and easily broken. It can’t be naturally curved after being removed from the support, it is difficult to wear!

The shape of our products, even if you swim, or soaked in water, naturally dry, the shape remains the same!

The other eyelashes on the market, without hairy tips, are easily deformed after passing through the water!

Giving beauty to you, the products are naturally environmentally friendly, and it is our responsibility to care for small animals!

Bring the false eyelashes produced by our company, which is intimate contact with nature and small animals! Each hair is cruelty free, the raw materials are treated with high temperature, no odor, no bacteria! You can use it with confidence!

This is why Qingdao Garnier Lashes are in short supply!

The Popularity of our Mink Lashes

The Popularity of our Mink Lashes

The 3D Mink Eyelashes produced by Garnier Lashes in Qingdao are elegant and natural, the eyeliner is soft and durable, and the style is fashionable and novel.Garnier Lashes Is the Best Wholesale Eyelash Vendor.

Our designer Daniel constantly researches aesthetics, and the design concept is bold, and every new product can be exploded!

In 2012, the Mink Eyelashes were proposed to make the world’s consumers refreshed. They began to fully understand the beauty of false eyelashes. This period is the germination period of the eyelashes of the eyebrows. Consumers began to understand the eyelashes of the eyebrows.

The 3D Mink Lashes developed in 2013, because of the layered sense, once again let the consumers around the world redefine the beauty of false eyelashes, changing the drawbacks of the original false eyelashes only one curvature (BCDJ song), exaggerated, realistic Natural, 3D Mink Eyelashes have been popular all over the world!

In October 2018, our designers once again boldly innovated, increasing the length of 3D Mink Eyelashes from 13-16mm to 20-25mm. Once again, the world consumption boom.

Consumers around the world have redefine eyelashes because of our designers’ bold innovations. Our partners also enjoy the unlimited business opportunities brought by each innovation!

Garnier Lashes make your beauty unique!

How To Maintain the Mink Eyelashes?

How To Maintain the Mink Lashes?

Garnier Lashes Company is a famous eyelash export company in Qingdao with 3D Mink Lashes, Regular Mink Lashes and 25mm Mink Lashes. The 25mm Mink Eyelashes have been popular all over the world for six months, which has created many repeat customers. Our company’s designers are not satisfied with the status quo, followed by the development of 20 mm Mink Lashes.Along with the rapid development of the eyelashes, many customers ask us how to maintain the eyelashes.Let me tell us.

The Mink Eyelashes produced by Qingdao Garnier Lashes are high-end luxury goods. Each hair is carefully selected. After high-tech processing, in order to make each pair of eyelashes realistic and natural, each hair has a hairy tip.

Since the length of the mane is limited, it can’t be as long as the length of the chemical fiber. It can be done by hand, and the hair is tied to the eye line. The length of the hair of the mane determines the eyelashes. Sticking to the eye line, and the animal hair surface is oily, the glue is difficult to penetrate. Qingdao Garnier Lashes glue is developed by the American postdoctoral Daniel and patented. Our glue is healthy, odorless, soft and durable. But even then, because the hair of the bristles is sticky, you can’t force the hair to tear, and you can’t force the roots of the hair. In the use of the eyelashes produced by Qingdao Garnier Lashes, you must use good glue to stick the eyelashes. The best eyelash glue is DUO, you can also choose the glue we pick.

When taking the eyelashes from the table, we have already reserved a line of eyeliner for the worker. You should use the tweezers to hold the extra eyeliner, gently remove it, cut off the excess part, and try to choose a gap when cutting. Local cuts, don’t choose to arbitrarily cut in places with lots of hair, cut in places with lots of hair, and some hairs will fall off, which is normal. Don’t worry too much. The rest of the hair is still strong. Will not affect the effect.

When the eyelashes are removed, use a good unloading glue to gently wipe off the glue remaining on the roots of the eyelashes. Do not rub hard! More forceless to tear!

When the eyelashes are removed, be sure to put them on the original support, keep the eyeliner soft, and bend the shape. Do not throw it casually.

Dear users, the more expensive things, the more they should be well maintained, so they can be used for a long time. You don’t care for him, it won’t love you.

Just like silk clothes, Rolls-Royce cars, you have to be careful to use them more and more easily. More and more can reflect value.

HoHo~20mm Mink Strip Eyelashes officially listed


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20mm Mink Strip Eyelashes is our company’s latest product. Its length  between 18mm and 25mm. If you miss the opportunity of 25mm Mink Eyelashes, then the opportunity is coming, 20mm Mink Strip Eyelashes are on the market.

The 25mm Mink Eyelashes are a miracle in the world for six months. Garnier Lashes, the creator of the 25mm Mink Eyelashes, puts the second miracle in front of you. If you have started or are about to start eyelash business, don’t miss the 20mm Mink Strip Eyelashes.

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In 2019, What Is The Most Popular Eyelash

Congratulations, when you see this article, you are so lucky.

It will be over in 2018. If you can see this article, I guess you are a fan of strip eyelashes, whether you want to grow your brand or start your brand, we are all fans of eyelashes.
Since 2015, eyelashes have been loved by more people, and more and more people are beginning to use eyelashes to make themselves more beautiful. In 2017, the most popular eyelashes are 3D mink eyelashes. In 2018, the most popular is the 25mm mink strip lashes.   

If you can know the most popular eyelashes in 2019, you must be sure. Now, I want to congratulate, you have to know right away.

New opportunities are here

The new opportunity is at Garnier Lashes. If you have seen and believe in the miracle of 25mm mink strip eyelashes, if you miss the opportunity of 25mm mink lashes, now your chance is coming, the opportunity of 20mm mink strip lashes is in front of you.
The 25mm mink strip lashes is a miracle in the world of six months, and its creator, Garnier Lashes, now puts the second miracle in front of you.
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If 25mm mink eyelashes has brought you a lot of benefits, what are you waiting for in the face of 20mm mink lashes?

How To Start Your Own Lash Line?

How To Start Your Own Lash Line?

If you want to choose cheap eyelashes, or poor quality eyelashes, your business will only be a  small business, there will never be a brand, you will never be able to dominate the fashion trend, you will never make money.

If you are just starting your eyelash business, it is especially important for you to choose the right supplier. Eyelashes are fast-moving products, and everyone has a high sensitivity to new products and high quality products.

Doing eyelash business at the beginning Selecting the price The only result of neglecting quality is to end your favorite eyelash business at a loss. Have you examined the quality of the eyelash business? If you want to do eyelash business, you must start with the best-selling, best-quality ones. . . .

We are suppliers. We have met many and many such customers. I really believe that we are right.

95% of us are American customers. Every day, many old customers place orders. The quality is not good. There will not be so many old customers placing orders.

You may have just started to have no experience with the product. We met many customers and summed up a lot of experience. Write a blog. Can you look at it? http://www.garnierlashes.com/easy-way-to-start-my-own-eyelashes-line/

It doesn’t matter if you buy or buy our products, as long as it is useful for your future business.

You can also buy $2 to $5 and try it out and then decide it is not too late. In fact, the name is called 3D water eyelashes, but the quality is very different. The market is very transparent, we do not need to provide false information to you, it is best to look at the real thing. http://www.garnierlashes.com/

And many customers find it directly according to our brand, many of our customers are introduced by old customers.
I believe that you will not recommend it to your friends. I believe that you are not willing to recommend the quality of the free delivery.

Think about why you buy so expensive cosmetics so good, I take cheap, free to send you do not dare. You like to buy cheap goods, but do you like that all the goods you sell are returned by customers? Do you still have to pay the freight? Good quality eyelashes are sold at a price that is expensive, but it is very cheap to use. Do you agree?

It doesn’t matter if you buy or not, I really tell you that you will take less detours and get better soon.

If you want to start eyelashes, it is necessary to choose our four high-end products. These four products are very popular in the market and just started to be popular. If we can stand on the market and seize the opportunity, we will successfully sell these four products. A very good opportunity. Get the products with high market recognition. It is very important for you to accumulate credit and win more customer collectors and sharers!

If you want to learn more,please click here:<<How to get the eyelash style of your own brand>>

How to discriminate if it is a real factory?

Philosophy and professionalism

Many 3D eyelash purchasers encounter such troubles when purchasing goods. Everyone is saying that they are factories. Everyone is holding the same best-selling product pictures to sell to customers and say that they are 3d eyelash wholesalers. How to distinguish ?

The customer is very troublesome. In fact, it is really important to find a reliable supplier. How is it so difficult?

Distinguish from the concept:

Really capable suppliers do not engage in low-cost competition. Low-price competition is to quench their thirst. Suppliers with the ability to do so will not sacrifice product quality in exchange for customer orders. Their eyes will be longer and they will not account for the gains and losses. Instead, focus more on research and development of new products, and study how to maximize product quality. How can research give consumers different feelings? How can research bring more business opportunities to middlemen? The customer has the same philosophy as me, we work together! Customers and my philosophy are different, and customers are welcome to find a supplier that suits them!

Good quality and low price is the marketing gimmick, the product quality is good, the price is low, it is the ideal state, there is no real life, only the higher cost, including technical cost, design cost, worker cost, business cost, publicity cost, The cost of middlemen, the stimulation of profit in each link, has a greater incentive to come out with better products. In this passage, you will re-create and create your own, just for your reference, it is the truth!

Any product is pre-emptive. Is the supplier you are looking for the first time to recommend the latest style? And the quality of the product is high?

Innovative ability is of the utmost importance. Whoever has the ability to innovate in eyelash products can help customers to occupy the market in the first place. Delivery ability is very important, whoever receives the goods in the first time, who will be able to occupy the market in the first time. Quality is life, only good quality can help middlemen stabilize customers!

Distinguish from professionalism:

Professionalism, professionalism! Professionals who do things can do good things and do things!

If you are at the show, only high-end eyelashes, the most people with eyelash products on the show, are basically manufacturers.
Just post a promotional picture, with a few templates, often a trading company.

Find a manufacturer on the Internet: still professional!

If everyone says that they are suppliers, then ask them if they are doing high school and low school? You can also look at his professionalism. Anyone who does high school and low-end can do it. It can be concluded that he is not a direct supplier. The supplier you are looking for is to buy goods from various manufacturers and then sell them to customers.


Sincerity is the highest wisdom!

If everyone says that they are manufacturers, then you choose a sincere person based on your feelings, who are not eager to seek success, and who are the truth. If you are sincere, even if it is not a manufacturer, he can help you buy it. Products to help you solve the problem!


Say good delivery time, can you do it? In order to avoid being fooled, it is recommended that you do not have to worry about big orders, the market is also a little bit up, try to credibility of customers from small orders.

Now the cost of the video, and the picture is too low, don’t just tell the video and the picture what you are looking for is the manufacturer!

Qingdao Garnier Lashes, I want the customer to think, the urgency of the customer, Qingdao Garnier Lashes , professionally produce high-end eyelashes!

How much does it cost to get mink lashes?

There are a lot of people who want to know the price of eyelashes. I guess that people who might ask this question want to start the business of eyelashes. Generally, people who buy eyelashes don’t care too much about the cost of eyelashes because he doesn’t Buying an eyelash and losing a lot of money, he will not become very rich because he buys a pair of eyelashes less.

Today I will explain to you the cost and price of eyelashes.
Mink big eyelashes are produced in China. The price of ordinary mink eyelashes in the general market in China is 10 yuan for about 1.5 dollars. There are some slightly good quality prices of about 20 yuan, which is 3 dollars if they are sold to customers. Need to add their profit of 1 US dollar, about 4 US dollars, the best price of eyelashes on the market is 30 RMB, about 5 US dollars, plus a profit of about 6 US dollars wholesale price.

You definitely want to know what is the difference between the $1.5 eyelash and the $6 eyelash?
Today, I will tell you why the price difference of mink eyelashes is so big?
1. The original water lashes, good raw materials are three times more expensive than bad raw materials, the bad raw materials are the hair of the leeches, very short, and many hairs have no hair tips, good water bristles are on the tail. a small part, because this kind of hair is very small, the price is very expensive
2. Treatment process, the cheap water bristles treatment requires 5 steps, but the high-grade water bristles treatment requires 10 processes, and the different processes deal with the lower 3D effect of the hair.

3. Manual processing speed, cheap water mane artificially do more than 100 a day, good water mane can only do 10 a day, do 10 water mane to make patient and meticulous, the product is made flawless, but only by quantity to make products Naturally, the quality and appearance of the water bristles are very bad.

Regarding the retail price of American mink wool, the retail price in the United States is generally between 20-39 US dollars. Retailers have enough profit margins, but some sellers only want to drive down prices, but suppliers have no profit. Suppliers Without profit, the production will be increased, the quality of the wool will be reduced, and the process will be reduced. The cost will be saved a lot in several links, but the quality of the product will be much lower.

In this way, the supplier will send the goods to you in this way. If you are a person who has just started to do eyelash business, you may not know the quality of the product. When you sell the goods to your customers, many of your customers will You feedback problems, you will lose a lot of customers at the same time.

One question: Why can’t a product with a retail price between $20 and $30 increase the price of the product it buys? (The quality of the product is reliable, you can increase your brand and increase your sales.) Many customers will only pursue the bottom. Price, possibly a moment of high profits, a permanent small business,

When we sometimes think back, do you find a big company, or a big brand without good products as a support? The answer is impossible. Good products are fundamental to all businesses.

Therefore, I suggest that customers, to lay off small interests, to create a larger market and profit is essential. If you want to do big business, earn more money in the eyelash business, and you want to continue to do this business, a good product is essential.

The price of high quality mink is between $5.5 and $7. You give the wholesaler a profit of $1. You only have to reduce the profit from the original $20 by only $1. I don’t think you have much loss, but instead let you The business is easier to do, the customer feedback is less, and good products will make your brand effect rise rapidly. The home of a good brand also needs capital investment. The good product saves more money in the brand over one dollar, what do you think?

The mink hair is expensive, why do consumers still like to use mink eyelashes?

Grafting eyelashes, the appearance of grafting eyelashes is popular before the mink eyelashes are not present, because the planting eyelashes look more natural than the chemical eyelashes on the market, but as the society progresses, the pace of life accelerates, and the time required to graft an eyelash is too Long, this greatly increases the time cost of consumers. In the Internet era, time cost is a factor that everyone must consider. It takes at least 1-2 hours to graft, and the time cost is too high and too high!

Grafting eyelashes are applied to the individual eyelashes of the fixed type of eyelashes, and the eyelashes of the eyelashes begin to fall off from the third day with the metabolism of the human body. The left and right eyes begin to be asymmetrical, and the overall makeup level is lowered.

Long-term grafting of the eyelashes will cause the eyelashes to grow upside down or grow down. Touching the eyes slightly will cause pain, tears!

Once the grafted eyelashes are grafted, there is a style, the makeup style has changed, and the eyelashes cannot be changed at any time, which is not flexible enough.

After falling off, the left and right eyes begin to be asymmetrical!

The chemical fiber eyelashes on the market look rigid, the eyelashes have no layering or layering, and the chemical fiber eyelashes are too hard. The belt has a strong blinking feeling. If you are uncomfortable, you can’t work and enjoy life!

      The chemical fiber eyelashes

As the world’s largest mane supplier , Qingdao Garnier Lashes is a natural animal hair, CRUETY FREE, and hair is spiritual.Garnier eyelashes are realistic and natural, work fine, and the style is elegant and natural.You can change the mane style according to different occasions and different makeup, or natural, or sexy…Although more expensive, it can last up to 20-25 times. Want to see more styles, please click http://www.garnierlashes.com/







Mink Lashes

Qingdao Garnier Lashes Adhering to quality is our life!

We treat our products like babies , we will cherish the quality of our products like birds cherish feathers!

Why are there any nuances in each batch of our 3D bristles?

Many customers feel that the quality of each batch of goods is very good and very popular after receiving the goods, but each batch of goods looks subtle. Many people don’t understand, and don’t know how to explain it to consumers.

You need to know that 3d mink eyelashes are made of natural bristles, animal hair is spiritual, irregular in thickness, and the diameter is not fixed like chemical fiber. The number of hairs, but even then, because each batch of hair has different thicknesses, each batch of goods looks either slightly thinner or slightly thicker. But the original design is the same, and the effect on the belt is the same. This hopes that the middlemen should understand, and also hope that the middlemen can give the customer a good explanation.

Garnier 3D eyelashes are 100% handmade, seemingly a pair of small eyelashes, Garnier eyelashes need to go through more than 20 processes, each process must be fine, each process affects the final effect of eyelashes, we workers do The best effort to keep the difference in eyelashes to a minimum,

However, the handmade products have nuances every time, because the natural type of raw materials, the products are handmade, and no pair of eyelashes are exactly the same, which is the charm of pure handmade products!

Dear customer, the criterion for the pure 3D eyelashes is whether the eyelashes are symmetrical to the left and right eyes. Is the eyeliner comfortable? Is the shape elegant? Instead of comparing each pair of eyelashes is it exactly the same? If the requirements are exactly the same, that is the requirement of the mechanism product!

Artwork, just like we paint landscapes, facing the same landscape, the effect is exactly the same, that is, shooting with a camera and printing with a machine. The effect is the same.

But if the painter wants to paint, different painters face the same scenery, and the effect of painting is different.

Even if the same painter faces the same scenery at different times, the effect of painting is different.

But aesthetics, thoughts are different, and each piece of painting is a boutique!

Garnier handmade 3D mane eyelashes, natural raw materials, high-tech processing tips, carefully selected workers, Garnier 3d eyelashes is a high-class lifestyle, is a work of art, we want boutique, not exactly the same product!

Garnier lashes make your beauty unique!