How Many Times Can You Really Reuse False Lashes ?

How Many Times Can You Really Reuse False Lashes ?

You must have heard of false eyelashes when you buy them. False eyelashes can be reused many times. But how many times is it many times? Is this safe?

Yes, false eyelashes are reusable. How many times you can reuse it depends on how clean and care you are. Ordinary false eyelashes can be reused at least 4-5 times if carefully maintained. The mink eyelash can last longer, until it is not available.

First, you need to delete them correctly. When you remove mink lashes from your eyes, it is recommended that you do not use your tweezers to straighten them directly, as this may damage your eyelashes and may damage your native eyelashes.

Secondly, when removing the mink lash, please go from the outside to the inside, so as to ensure that the mink false eyelashes are not damaged.

In addition, it is to remove the mink eyelash glue. Normally, once they are out of the eye, the mink eyelashes are easily peeled off when they are watered. If it is not easily peeled off, please slowly peel off the mink eyelash glue, and use a finger or tweezers to remove the false eyelash glue.

Finally, you also need to remove mink eyelash residue, such as mascara. Take a piece of tissue and place the eyelashes on it, then gently wipe the mascara with a tissue with makeup remover while holding the eyelashes on the paper towel. Then dry them with a paper towel, then place them in a container in a cool place. If necessary, dry the eyelashes with a hair dryer to restore the original curl.

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