How To Apply False Eyelash For a Beginner?

How To Apply False Eyelash For a Beginner?

As a luxury eyelash supplier, we wholesale our 3D mink eyelashes around the world, most new eyelash users ask us how to wear our 100% handmade eyelashes?

Compared with other people, false eyelashes and eyelashes are very simple to wear, short-lived, and easy to change into different styles, which brings great convenience to busy modern women, especially office ladies.

Now let’s discuss a beginner how to apply false eyelashes:

Required tools

First, prepare eyelash tools, mirrors, scissors, tweezers, a bottle of eyelash glue and eyelash brush.

Measuring length, cutting edge

Take the eyelashes, face mirror, and measure the length of the eyelashes with your eyes. Then you know that you should keep the length of the eyelashes, then use scissors to cut some of the eyelashes on both sides of the eyelashes to fit the length of your eyes.

Apply glue

Apply a small amount of glue to the root of the eyelashes. Swing the eyelashes for about 30 seconds, waiting for the glue to solidify a little and dry.

Put on the eyelashes and press the two corners

Pick up the central part of the false eyelashes and touch the middle upper eyelid near the eyeliner. This time, the eyelashes are attached to the middle eyelid near the eyeliner.

Then pull the eyelashes into the inner corner of the eye and gently press to make it fixed, and perform the same action on the outside of the corner of the eye to fix it.

Now that the main work is done, let’s do some retouching work to make it more fixed and look more beautiful.

Brush eyelashes

From the root of your eyelashes to the tip, upwards, gently brush the eyelashes and false eyelashes, let them mix with each other, and then your eyelashes look longer, natural, and of course more beautiful.

This process not only mixes hair, but also provides little support for false eyelashes. You know that although our eyelashes are very light and soft, they still have a certain weight.

Real eyelash support, it won’t fall.

Brush your eyes outside and make your eyelashes smaller, making your eyes look big, bright and smart.

Please note that with gentle glue, do not use strong, it will stick to the skin very hard, when you take it off, it is painful and may hurt your skin unless you take it for a long time or swim.

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