How To Use Vitamin E To Make Mink Lashes Thick Slender ?

How To Use Vitamin E To Make Mink Lashes Thick Slender ?

Go to the pharmacy to buy vitamin E capsules, vitamin E capsules are made of vitamin E dissolved in vegetable oil, referred to as vitamin E oil.

Take an old mascara brush, wash the stuff above, and then spread the oil evenly on it, then brush the brush with Mink Lashes. In addition, vitamin E oil on the thickening of the eyebrows is also very effective, eyebrows sparse pale MM can try oh ~! Victoria E oil wipe good after do not wash off, let it natural absorption just fine. Victoria E oil can not only make Mink Lashes longer, you can also make lashes thicker! In addition, I make a small suggestion, we best smear before going to bed every day, get up the next day you will find Mink Lashes naturally Alice up!

Add that: In fact, cod liver oil, olive oil, VE capsules are available, the use of Victoria E’s MM said the direct effect of E coated Mink Lashes may have side effects, is the president of the fat particles, but also vary. As long as painted carefully, do not get into the eyes, around the eyes have to wipe off, much better ~ ~

Castor oil or olive oil

Night, rubbed with castor oil or olive oil, can promote Mink Lashes growth, dense. This is an ancient method, although slow, but it does. In addition, add small pieces of lemon peel pieces, daily rubbed, make lashes more beautiful.

Liquid protein

Liquid protein is a supplementary food, applied every evening, can enhance the strength and length of Mink Lashes.


Vaseline rubbed every night and morning, help prevent or correct broken Mink Lashes.

Vitamin D

Cut a vitamin D capsules per night, pat on the eyelids and Mink Lashes, once every 3 months, can produce significant results.

Carefully Mink Lashes a month, next month there may be a big surprise waiting for you Oh!

Use cod liver oil to grow Mink Lashes and eyebrows

Vitamin E method is only temporary, our human body naturally eyelashes will fall off, you also need to spend time after falling out of growth, if you want to immediately effective, we recommend that you buy this site Garnier Lashes , where the quality of eyelashes is the best, wear After you change back on the more beautiful, where the use of a large number of lashes will not be deformed

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