Why Is The Garnier Lashes’ 20mm Mink Lashes The Most Cost-effective?

Why Is The Garnier Lashes’ 20mm Mink Lashes The Most Cost-effective?

Garnier Lashes’ 20mm eyelashes are popular. This market is not saturated yet. There is no price competition. It can be sold at a discount. The suggested retail price is $15-18. It is a very good variety for e-commerce startups.

The mink eyelashes are made of long hair on the tail of the mink, and the eyelashes of the mink are curved and bright.

Garnierlashes’ eyelashes are heated to physically correct the curvature of the mink, the hair is naturally bent, and the bending time is durable.

Garnierlashes provides low-cost packaging for small and medium-sized e-commerce companies. If you work hard, you can pack at 0 cost and reduce the cost of customers.

Garnierlashes provides e-commerce logo design, logo stickers, short design time, long use time, $20 can be used with more than 200 small logo stickers.

Garnierlashes 20mm eyelashes are very low cost, eyelash + packaging + logo + transport, the cost to the United States does not exceed $ 7, can achieve 100% gross profit.

The core of the Garnierlashes eyelash technology is the bending technique of the eyelashes. Look at our eyelashes. Some of them start to bend from the eyelashes to the tip of the eyelashes. Some of these eyelashes are fluffy, natural, very fashionable and very popular.

Look at our eyelashes and compare the other long eyelashes on the market. You will find that their eyelashes are rigid and the color is dark (the chemical is made to bend and cause eyelash damage). The bending is small, the stem is thick, and it is not easy to wear.

Buying Garnier Lashes’ Mink Lashes, we offer low-priced eyelashes, fast and low-cost packaging customization, good eyelash quality, high retail price, so the price is very high, it is the best variety for you to start eyelash business.


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