How To Make Mink Eyelash Bands Soft And Elastic?

How To Make Mink Eyelash Bands Soft And Elastic?

Garnier Lashes is the professional Eyelash Vendors and Lip Gloss Vendors, we main Wholesale Mink Lashes and Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box and Custom Lip Glosses, We have more than 10 years experience on Lash Business, and our aim is to help everyone who want to creat their own brand lash business to make money and to achieve wealth freedom.

When you buy a low-quality 25mm lashes strip band stem hard thick band, don’t worry, now I know why it is so stiff, then I know how to make it soft and flexible, but be careful, choose a lighter and you mink lashes, use a lighter to bake around the mink lashes, make sure you don’t burn off the mink lash, just stand away from it, this will only make your mink lashes softer, it will make it more flexible.

As you can see now, they are a bit more flexible. You can wrap your mink lash around your mascara brush or tubular object before the heat is dissipated. Turn it into a circle and you can make them Keep it for a while, which will help the mink lash become more flexible. It also helps to soften those straps, it won’t be too thick, and it won’t pierce your eyes.
Keep in mind that when you want to buy 20mm  mink strip lashes and 25mm mink strip lashes, from the purchase of Selfit Lashes, only Selfit Lashes can make the perfect 25mm mink strip lashes.

Warm tips

Keep in mind that our mink eyelashes are very light, so use only a small amount of glue at a time, which will make your mink lashes light, easy to apply and take off, and don’t use super glue to apply your mink eyelashes. Unless you want to wear it to swim.
Remember, if you want to buy long mink lashes, Selfit Lashes offers you 20mm mink eyelashes and 25mm mink eyelashes with all styles.

How To Start An Eyelash Business At Home?

How To Start An Eyelash Business At Home?

Hi guys, welcome to Garnier Lashes Wholesale Vendors, this article I will help you start your eyelash business line in your home, if you are a student, a full-time mom, or office worker, if you want to change you Life, get more profit from this business, so here you learn how to start your own eyelash brand right at home.

First,You need a mobile phone and a computer

You need to use these tools to get in touch with your customers and guide them to place orders. You just need to sell eyelashes on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or other social apps

Second,You need a best eyelash vendor

You should start with the sample to check the quality, you need to choose a service that provides design if you don’t have a logo, so that you can quickly build your eyelash brand.

Third,You need a light shelf

Put your express parcel on the first floor, your Custom Eyelash Packaging Box on the second floor, and your eyelashes on the third floor, so you can post your eyelashes quickly with Eyelash Packaging.

You can use express delivery, which usually takes 1-2 working days. You’d better cooperate with a regular express company and order a discounted price so that you can save more money from express delivery.

Why Not Start Your Mink Lash Line To Make Money?

Why Not Start Your Mink Lash Line To Make Money?

There are many ways for women to make money. Choose from products you are familiar with, choose products that are repetitively consumed, choose products that have a lot of consumers, and choose products that make you beautiful. For a profitable business, why not make money in the mink eyelash business?

Wholesale mink lashes  line is a rasing industry, its the best time to start it make money,. now go to action immediately, and keep going , make more money, will not be a dream.

1. you can start with only 100$ to start with it, eyelash line has small investment, small risk, large profit and high rate of return, when you invest 1000$, you can get much compentitive price from lash vendors, you can make more profits rate.

you have most large customer base, all America women will buy from you if you can create a famous lash brand, so excite think of this. also the beauty eyelashes line can seek cooperation with an increasing number of large beauty centers and nail salons to integrate customers’ consumption needs; At the same time, the eyelash line can be used as retail, the price of single product is not high, the product occupies a small space, and do not need to overstock, capital turnover is fast, the strip eyelashes consume fast for woman and young girls.

2. As a kind of daily consumables commodity, the eyelash line has a large base for women to follow and love. If people do extension eyelashes, due to the extension effect and the technology of eyelash specialist, the viscosity of communication with customers is relatively high.

Who Do Free Logo Design Service For Custom Eyelash Packaging?

Who Do Free Logo Design Service For Custom Eyelash Packaging?

Garnier Lashes is the Best 3D Mink Eyelash Vendor and Custom Eyelash Packaging Manufacturer , which was established in 2006,we employ more than 200 skilled workers and designers, who specialized in top quality Best 3D Mink Eyelash. we have years of experience of OEM/ODM to supply you with custom eyelashes, private label and Private Label Eyelash Boxes and DIY Eyelash Packaging for you.

The Eyelash Packaging is the box can fit with the lashes. It will protect the lashes and will make a professional appearance to promote your lashes business line.if you don’t have a designer you may ask for the skilled designer to design for you . And if you cooperate with us our professional designer can design free for ,and if you need help , you can contact us.

The best way to find the eyelash boxes is that you can ask for your lashes vendor for you can order the lashes boxes together.You lashes vendor can do eyelash packaging box for you ,and then just focus on lashes and Custom Eyelash Packaging .You can order them with your Wholesale Mink Lashes together ,and there will be a budget if you order the box , and they can fit the lashes into the box for you

so more and more people pay too much time and energy Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging , most customer would like to buy the lashes with brand. They are safe and with good quality .You can put your information such as your telephone number and social media on the box, and people will remember your lashes brand ,and will contact you again.

You can do your brand name and logo on the Eyelash Packaging, which help you build your lashes brand, and this is the basic work you should do if you want to build your lashes brand.

How Much Do Mink Lashes Cost?

How Much Do Mink Lashes Cost?

Garnier Lashes is the Best 3D Mink Eyelash Vendor and Custom Eyelash Packaging Manufacturer , which was established in 2006,we employ more than 200 skilled workers and designers, who specialized in top quality Best 3D Mink Eyelash. we have years of experience of OEM/ODM to supply you with custom eyelashes, private label and Private Label Eyelash Boxes and DIY Eyelash Packaging for you.

Mink Lashes is being an trend in around the world now, compared with faux lashes, Real Mink Lashes is more natural , and last longer , good quality Mink Lashes are reuasble , can be used up to 25-30 times with proper care, more and more people would like a pair a real mink lashes for making up, but how much do mink lashes cost? are they expensive?

Garnier Lashes all made from quality real mink fur, 100% CRUELTY-FREE, and handcrafted to perfection, suitable for any eye shape, and any makeup look whether natural or glam, and have a thin, flexible band. Our Wholesale Mink Lashes are from 16MM Mink Lashes to 25MM Lashes, The prices also different for different Mink Lashes.

Why Women Love Mink Eyelashes More?

Why Women Love Mink Eyelashes More?

At present, with the increase of women’s demand for makeup, women around the world are more and more recognized for the effect of mink eyelashes. The effect of false eyelashes enhances your eyes and face shape, and mink eyelashes can be made more fluffy and more natural than eyelashes of other materials. The advantage of mink eyelashes is that they do not stick together, clump or smudge. In the following paragraphs, we will explain why mink eyelashes wholesale will become a fashion for women!

Mink eyelashes make your real eyelashes look more three-dimensional

Although mink eyelashes do not have any special ingredients, but unlike cosmetics, mink eyelashes can help your real eyelashes look more perfect and thicker. You don’t need to apply mascara to enhance your eye makeup. Mink eyelashes can fully meet your needs.

You can use mink eyelashes for several weeks

Many eyelashes have a limited lifespan, but mink eyelashes are not. Mink eyelashes do not want chemical fiber eyelashes. They are natural materials. The structure of mink hair is close to that of human eyelashes, and there is almost no difference in appearance. And it can be used up to 25 times or more.


How To Pack Eyelashes And Eyelashes Packaging Box Is The Safest?

How To Pack Eyelashes And Eyelashes Packaging Box Is The Safest?

Have you ever wondered what you should do to protect your Eyelash Box and 3D Mink Eyelashes when you complete a Wholesale 3D Mink Eyelashes order from Mink Eyelash Vendors?
The first thing you should check the production date, if you Custom Eyelash Packaging , it will be longer, so you should check all your orders so that you can receive your package time.

The second thing is that you should check every detail of your Eyelash Vendor, and the production process, you will receive the production order, and check every information you receive, especially the Custom Lash Packaging, because Above your eyelash brand name, your eyelash logo, your website, your email, your IG, your FB. etc. To make sure everything is correct

What should you do when your order is in production?

First of all, you should have your own style name, especially if you have your own website, people can easily find your website by searching your style name, but if you still use the style name of your Wholesale Lash Vendors, you Of customers will find your Eyelash Wholesale Vendor.

The second thing you should do is to ask your Eyelash Supplier to prepare a clean bag. When your custom packaging box is completed, you should ask your 3d Mink Lashes Vendor to put the box in each bag to protect the surface of the box , To avoid scratches caused by box friction.

How To Save The Shipping Cost Of Wholesale 3D Mink Eyelashes?

How To Save The Shipping Cost Of Wholesale 3D Mink Eyelashes?

When you work with your Chinese Wholesale Lashes Vendor, you will always feel that the order amount exceeds your expectations. They will explain to you that the price includes shipping. Maybe you still think it is expensive, so how do you save this shipping fee?

If you order 10 pairs of Wholesale 3D Mink Eyelashes from your Eyelash Vendors and you want them in 3 days, you can choose fedex, you should tell your Eyelash Vendors your detailed address, it usually costs 25-30 dollars according to Weight and country.

If you order 30 pairs of eyelashes, the shipping cost is the same as 10 pairs, because if your Eyelash Packaging is under 0.5 kg, the shipping cost is the same. So, when you make an order, you should calculate the weight of your eyelashes and the Custom Packaging Box. If the volume of your eyelashes and the box is less than 0.5kg, you should order the correct quantity until your packaging reaches close to 0.5kg , At this time, the cost of the eyelashes you order will be the lowest.


Why Choose A Luxury 3D Mink Eyelash Wholesale Manufacturer?

Why Choose A Luxury 3D Mink Eyelash Wholesale Manufacturer?

Do you know why more and more people choose to cooperate with us, that is because we can continue and efficiently provide luxury 3D Mink Eyelashes at competitive wholesale prices.

Our customers usually find us through Google, Instagram, YouTube and leave a message on our website They find that the 3d Mink Lashes Wholesale are different from ordinary eyelashes. 80% of customers will buy 30 Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes of 30 eyelashes. As the first sample order, and then do 3D Mink Eyelashes batch order.

When you receive our mink eyelashes, you will find that each pair of eyelashes is the same as the sample, and each pair of left eyelashes and right eyelashes match very well. Therefore, our eyelashes are all high-end eyelashes, which are different from ordinary eyelashes.

If you really like eyelash beauty, we have no MOQ limit, we are confident in our luxury mink eyelashes, we have a big eyelash factory, so if you order, we can ship within 24 hours, so fast And efficient.

Due to low MOQ, more and more girls find us to start their business line, but other eyelash suppliers MOQ is 200 pairs, once you buy eyelashes, you can’t control the quality, because all eyelashes are made by machines, all eyelashes Lack of soul and vitality.

What Kind Of Safe Lashes Are On The Market?

What Kind Of Safe Lashes Are On The Market?

  1. Many girls like to use 3D Mink Eyelashes Wholesale to create the perfect makeup. Some girls choose “Natural Eyelashes” and some girls choose “Dramatic Eyelashes”.
  2. There are also many kinds of eyelashes on the market, such as mink eyelashes, silk eyelashes, fiber eyelashes, and plastic eyelashes. But what you should buy is the Safe Lashes to start your lashes business line.
  3. But, which are the best mink eyelashes in the world? What kind of safe eyelashes are on the market?

Can Eyelashes Cause Eyelash Infections?

  • Therefore, it is important for you to ensure that the second pair of eyelashes, pine cones, and beauty are safely worn.
  • Therefore, in fact, mink lashes are the best eyelashes in the world. It uses natural mink fur as raw material, and all eyelashes are made by hand. The only difference is the molding process.
  • In order to produce a perfect 3D multilayer film, Wholesale Lashes Manufacturers of 3D mink lashes and eyelash vendors must reshape the eyelashes to make their appearance look more beautiful.

  • We shape the eyelashes through heat treatment. It is safe, healthy, and natural, without any harm to your eyes.
  • You can wear our wholesale luxury mink lashes for swimming, and our luxurious eyelashes must also be light and stimulating.
  • When you put on your eyelashes, your eyes will feel relaxed and comfortable. Moreover, the safe method is to choose “Top Eyelashes”. You should wash mink eyelashes with water.

  • When you go to bed, you should remove your eyelashes and then loosen your eyes. Your eyes also need to breathe.
  • Therefore, if you want to buy safe and healthy eyelashes, please contact us to buy luxurious eyelashes at a competitive wholesale price.
  • Our eyelashes are handmade by us, 100% pure mink, 100% handmade, 3 QC inspections, BV and SGS certification.

Who Supplies Top Safe Lashes?

  • As you know, Garnier Lashes supply best lashes on the market, and more and more girls would like to cooperate with Garnier Lashes to start their mink lashes business line, why ?
    The most imortant thing is we supply Best top grade luxury lashes to our customers, we have own own designer and strict QC team to guarantee the qualtiy.
  • so warlm welcome to cooperate with Garnier Lashes, we will supply best Cheap Lashes with cheap wholesale price for you.

Have You Ever Met These Questions If You Start Your Own Eyelash Brand?

Have You Ever Met These Questions If You Start Your Own Eyelash Brand?

Did you know that there are many things to deal with when you create an eyelash brand and start an eyelash business?
How to find Mink Lash Vendor of 3D Mink Eyelashes that suits you?
How to choose my 3d mink eyelashes?
What is the wholesale price of 3D mink eyelashes?

If you are in the United Kingdom or the United States, you may want to find 3d Mink Lashes Wholesale in the United Kingdom and the United States. You will do your best to find your Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor of 3D mink eyelashes. Is that right?
When you find them, you have to face the fact that you choose different types of eyelashes, different length eyelashes, and different material eyelashes. You will get lost in the world of eyelashes. Haha~

Some Eyelash Vendors will give many eyelash options, many of which are outdated. Would you not know which style to choose and which style to order?
Also, once ordered in bulk, how long will it take to sell the eyelashes? Even if you find cheap 3D mink eyelashes, the quality is very poor, which will result in you not being able to sell them in a short time. You have to face the fact that, So you must find reliable and high-quality mink eyelashes, not just cheap.

Where Can I Find Wholesale Eyelashes For Makeup Artists?

Where Can I Find Wholesale Eyelashes For Makeup Artists?

If you are a makeup artist and want to find a wholesale Lash Vendors to start your eyelash wholesale business, then Garnier Lashes Eyelash will help you find the right Eyelash Vendors in the market, they provide the best in the market at a cheap wholesale price Mink eyelashes.

You should find different markets and choose the best eyelashes on the market. They may not be the cheapest, but the best eyelashes on the market. If you make cheap eyelashes, then too many eyelash factories and eyelash wholesalers will Very low prices sell cheap wholesale prices. You cannot win the market.

Therefore, you should choose the best eyelashes on the market, and mink eyelashes are very popular in the market, and you will not miss the luxurious mink eyelashes, you will get more and more customers. That’s what you will get.

In addition, there are too many Mink Lash Vendors in the market, so you should find the best Mink Eyelash Vendors in the market,

And choose the best luxury mink eyelashes to meet market demand.


What’s the Process to Order Lashes from Mink Lash Vendors?

What’s the Process to Order Lashes from Mink Lash Vendors?

Many friends has quoted price by my instagram or WHATSAPP: +86 15264203006, for some lashes line beginner, they may be shy to ask price and afraid their questions may be silly. Actually, please don’t be shy and ask questions you want to know. Most of lash vendors are glad to help you in starting your lashes business. Besides, some eyelash vendors may be busy to answer with customers’ different questions. So they may not reply your questions immediately. But most of wholesale eyelash vendors will reply you ASAP.

The following is the normal order process:

  1. Inquiry Lash Vendors about Lashes Catalog, usually lash vendors will show you the catalog of 25mm mink lashes20mm strip lashes and 16mm mink lashes along with the price.
  2. Usually the price wholesale mink lashes vendor offer is for retail lashes price. There would be a wholesale price when order in bulk.
  3. If you are also interested in doing custom lash boxes and lash cases, you could ask detailed information, like MOQ (minimum order quantity) and manufacture period, delivery time and how many days it take to reach.
  4. If you want to see detailed video of lashes style you like, you could ask for mink lashes vendor to show you. And if you and the mink lash vendors are both convenient, you two could have a video chat.
  5. About custom lash packaging design, usually mink lash vendor hire designer to help you design.

Where Do Good Mink Eyelashes Come From?

Where Do Good Mink Eyelashes Come From?

As you know, Wholesale Mink Eyelashes are very popular in the United States, and girls like to buy them as part of their makeup!
There are many Eyelash Vendors in the world, but where does the wholesale of 3D Mink Eyelashes come from?

For you, you may think that local eyelash retailers in the United States are more trustworthy, but do you really know where mink eyelashes come from? And how do you find your Mink Eyelash Vendors?

Garnier Mink Lashes Vendor will help you find the best Eyelash Vendor and help you start your eyelash business line.
90% of eyelashes are from Qingdao, China. If you want to place bulk eyelash orders, you should find Mink Lash Vendors, they can provide many types of 3D Mink eyelashes.

China is the birthplace of mink whip wholesale. After years of development, many mink eyelash factories have their own technology, and the quality of mink eyelashes made in China is much better than that of other countries.
Many Eyelash Manufacturers use Chinese eyelash manufacturers to shape the eyelashes and make it more beautiful, because other countries cannot do this kind of technical work.

The first one, you can start with cheap eyelashes, but you have to know that cheap ones are bad. Once your customers receive other eyelash factories, you will lose them.
The second method is that you can start with luxurious eyelashes, but with a sufficient budget, it will be a little different at first. But once you sell our products, you will get many old customers, and your customers will become more and more.

Do You Know Why Other People’s Eyelash Business Is So Popular During Halloween?

Do You Know Why Other People’s Eyelash Business Is So Popular During Halloween?

You can enter Halloween in one month. Halloween is one of the best times to promote eyelashes, wigs and other products. How to promote your wholesale eyelashes on Halloween 2021? Next, let us look down

Do you know why other people’s eyelash business is so popular during Halloween?

1. Unique eyelash packaging attracts customers’ attention

Eyelash competition is getting bigger and bigger, how to make your brand stand out? Many wholesalers consider highlighting their uniqueness. Wholesale eyelashes of the same quality, if matched with a unique eyelash packaging, will make your eyelashes look more attractive. Due to your unique custom eyelash packaging design, many hesitant customers will immediately decide to buy your eyelashes wholesale.

2. Provide eyelash packaging and free logo design

As a wholesaler, many wholesalers will consider looking for a designer to design unique eyelash packaging and their own exclusive brand logo. You are lucky to find Guerlain mascara. Garnier Lashes has a professional team that can provide the above services for free until you are satisfied. Has helped more than 7000 customers start eyelash business.

3.Provide eyelash-related tools and beauty products

In order to meet the needs of more customers, Guerlain Mascara provides one-stop service. You can buy mink eyelash wholesale, custom eyelash packaging box, custom tweezers, custom eyelash glue, custom eyelash glue eyeliner wholesale, custom lip gloss, etc. It not only saves you the time to find suppliers alone, but also saves your transportation costs. Make your expenses worthwhile, spend more on goods instead of transportation

Do You Know Why Mink Lashes Are So Popular?

Do You Know Why Mink Lashes Are So Popular?

Many people know that we are a professional Mink Eyelash Vendors and occupy an important position in the eyelash market. Garnier Lashes has helped more than 6000 customers develop eyelash business. We welcome new customers and friends to cooperate with us, and we will try our best to provide you with quality products and services.

Small And Portable

For women who often go out or like to travel, put on your favorite Wholesale Mink Lashes and put the small and exquisite Custom Eyelash Box Packaging in the backpack, which does not take up too much space.

Convenient And Time-Saving

Some girls do not have time to go to the beauty salon, or do not like the discomfort caused by growing Wholesale Lashes, you can try to wear Lash Wholesale with Eyelash Adhesive Glue. Wearing eyelashes can wear different styles of Wholesale Mink Lashes according to different makeup on different occasions, saving time and changing shapes according to makeup.

Different Lengths, Different Styles, Multiple Options

Everyone has different ideas and different preferences. Some customers like short natural Wholesale Lashes styles, and some people like long exaggerated dramatic eyelash styles. Of course, you can also choose different eyelash styles for different occasions.

Why We Provide Best Lashes Wholesale Service?

Why We Provide Best Lashes Wholesale Service?

  • Many Lashes Wholesale Vendors will put performance and profit first in their company. For example :
  • How many Lashes Wholesale do they sold?
  • How many Lashes Custom Packaging Boxes do they sold?
  • How much money do they get from the Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes business ?
  • In fact , too many Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendors would do that , and ask their salesman to get more and more profits from the Mink Lashes Wholesale. And of course getting more and more profits is still the first important thing but not the only standard in the Lashes Wholesale 25MM Mink Lashes business .Instead, Our metric is to provide better customer service. This is very important for us.

1 Why do we offer the best service?

First , we have the ability to solve the problem.

  • Our company has a complete organizational structure and clear division of labor. All employees are professionally trained to work.
  • 1st Our Wholesale Mink Lashes sales team will bring you the most professional knowledge to you .If you want to make a 3D Mink Lashes Bulk Order they will help you choose the best seller, and will give you targeted purchasing advice. They will give you competitive wholesale price to you and will help you save your money.
  • And if you just start your lashes business line, our salesman will help you start your eyelashes business line step by step . also they will give you professional advice and teach you how to choose the Mink Lash Wholesale style according to your country and area.
  • 2nd Creative design team provide powerful support.We have two teams to satisfy the market.
  • The first team is to design Mink Eyelashes Wholesale for our customer.
    We have design too many fashionable Mink Eyelashes in the market. Such as 25MM Mink Lashes and the other 3D Mink Lashes. All unique in the market , and many distributor name by their own style and we provide Wholesale Lashes With Private Label service.
  • The second design team is visual communication team.
    This team supply too many design works for you , and if you want to design your own Eyelashes logo, and Lashes Custom Packaging ,and your website banner, they will do all the design work for you.Most of them design Custom Packaging Boxes Lashes for our customer, and too many people will order Lashes Wholesale and Eyelashes Boxes Wholesale service.

  • Because they know the importance to the custom packaging box . and we have post a post to share the importance. And also if you want to design your own custom packaging box, you can add whatsapp, and give our salesman your idea about your custom packaging box, and our designer will design free for you .
  • If you want to design a professional Eyelashes Custom Packaging , and you can send your logo and Eyelash Box and your logo to us , our designer will give you some professional advice about your visual communication and color material collocation.
  • Too many Lash Vendors just use a simple logo and when your customer saw they , they can’t know what business you are doing, and what you will sell.So if you want to test your Lashes Logo and Eyelashes Custom Boxes , you can add whatsapp to get more targeted advice.If you want to design and produce your own hot eyelashes boxes style, we can do for you , which will add value to your Lashes Wholesale. And you can sold out your 3D Mink Eyelashes easily.
  • Garnier Lashes , as one of the best Wholesale Lashes Vendors , we are very confidence with our 25MM Lashes and 20MM Mink Lashes, and if you choose us to be your first Lashes Vendors, we will bring more than you can imagine.

Second, We are mutually beneficial partners.

  • Only by helping our customers solve their problems can our products sell better. And when our customer get more and more customer ,we will get more and more orders from our distributor.This is what we want to see and our customer’s success is our success.

Third, to gather more information from the market.

  • More feedback about the product and service will help us make the right decision. Which will help us do better than now in a long term.And that’s value information. So we are never afraid of customer difficulties, that will let us become stronger and better.

2 How to improve our service level?

First, Improve the quality of wholesale mink lashes.

  • We would devote more time and energy to designing and developing new Mink Lashes Wholesale service.Quality and style is still our main goal in the Wholesale Lashes business line.

Second, strictly control the quality.

  • The quality of 3D Mink Eyelashes is our life.As a responsible Lashes Factory and Wholesale Lash Vendors, we will gain more and more customer and opportunities.wholesale 3d mink lashes manufacturer and suppliers Garnier lashes lilly lashes vendor and suppliers in China 25 mm lashes

Third , Improve after-sales service.

  • Because of the top quality, our after-sales team will help our sales team to serve the customer who provide you 24H service. And they will solve all the questions you met in the market ,and gather them to our design team and product team.No matter what you met , no matter what it is , if you cooperate with us , you will not worry about your business line. And you will success with our luxury lashes and top service.

Fourth ,our service tenet.

  • Customer is God. We always supply top grade luxury mink lashes and top service. And this is the difference between Garnier Lashes and the other Lashes Wholesale Manufacturers and Suppliers.More cooperation and help please contact us whatappWe will try our best to help you make the right decision solve the questions you met in your 3D Mink Lashes Business line.If you want to test the quality of our 3D Mink Eyelash, we will provide you free lashes sample to test the quality.

How To Have Long-Lasting Eyelashes?

How To Have Long-Lasting Eyelashes?


1.Eyeliner is also an important part of eye makeup. When you wear mink eyelashes, you must first draw the eyeliner, but after drawing the Eyeliner Glue Pen and applying glue, the makeup will be particularly heavy. Covergirl Eyelash Vendors provide you with two-in-one eyeliner glue to complete it. This way you only need to draw the eyeliner once.
2.You have to trim the Mink Eyelashes according to the shape of your eyes. First, determine the position of the eyes, and then trim the best length for your eyes.

3.Place the mink eyelashes directly on the root of your eyelashes, and then paste them in the order of the middle, the front of the eye, and the end of the eye. And the press is fixed, so the effect of the post will be more realistic
4.Some people may use glue and are not used to eyeliner, because white glue will appear after wearing mink eyelashes. At this time, you need to use eyeliner to cover these parts to make the eyelashes look more natural and realistic.

5.A perfect eye makeup can’t lack eye shadow. Use dark eye shadow to make the mink eyelashes look closer and make the makeup more natural.

The Only Chinese Mink Eyelash Vendors Guide You Need

The Only Chinese Mink Eyelash Vendors Guide You Need

Why are mink eyelashes so popular? In short, mink hair is super soft and smooth, bringing a perfect natural feeling to your eyes.The first thing to do is to know more about these eyelashes. Even if you don’t know anything, at the end of this article, you will know how to order from a five-star Chinese Mink Lash Vendors with your eyes closed.

Eyelash Type

Before you confirm that one type of eyelash is the best, it is very important that you should look at all types of eyelashes. Although there are hundreds of Mink Eyelash varieties today, the following are a selected few popular around the world.

Real mink: Here, the hair of live mink is used to make fluffy and soft mink eyelashes.

Artificial mink: Hair made of PBT fiber, not real mink hair

Color Lashes: whether you want to create an eye-catching layer or dramatic effect, today there are colored mink eyelashes, you can use all the basic tones.

How To Quickly Choose A Precise Eyelash Vendor?

How To Quickly Choose A Precise Eyelash Vendor?

Choosing an Lashes Vendor is very important to the development of eyelash business. Choosing the right Eyelash Venders will do more with less for your eyelash business. Every Eyelashes Vendor should Wholesale Mink Eyelashes from customized eyelash samples.

The process of choosing a Mink Eyelash Vendor is slow because of constant comparison and constant review of the quality of the eyelashes. To save time, go and sell our eyelashes. earn more money. I will suggest how to accurately find the Eyelash Manufacturer.
First of all, a professional eyelash supply should have its own eyelash website. You can see all kinds of eyelashes on it, and there will be detailed introduction of eyelash sellers.

On this website you can learn about the history of this eyelash supplier, as well as the production process and production cycle of eyelashes.
Secondly, ask whether the eyelash supplier has a strict delivery cycle and can customize eyelashes. If these Mink Lashes Vendors can do it, congratulations, you have successfully found a qualified eyelash supplier.
Next is your price negotiation. A professional eyelash supplier will know how to find the best benefits for customers, and hopes to have a happy eyelash business cooperation.