How Can We Maintain The Quality Of Such High Demand Eyelashes?

How Can We Maintain The Quality Of Such High Demand Eyelashes?

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More and more customers pay attention to the quality of the mink lashes rather than the price of the eyelashes alone. Because more and more customers are pursuing high-quality eyelashes, only high-quality eyelashes can have a more successful eyelash business.

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Garnier eyelash vendors is the most professional mink eyelash vendor in China. Each of our lashes can be reused 25-30 times. And our total daily order exceeds 200 pieces.

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So many customers ask us: How Do You Maintain The Quality Of Lashes With Such High Demand?
1. All the raw materials for our eyelashes are from Siberian mink hair. We focus on the research and production of high-quality mink eyelashes, we use the best mink tail skin, the best eyelash glue to control our best mink eyelashes

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2. All our eyelashes are handmade. All our mink eyelashes are hand-made by experienced and skilled workers to ensure the best quality. Each pair of eyelashes is carefully crafted by the workers.

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3. Our eyelashes are double checked. We also have a quality inspection system. Each pair of eyelashes must be inspected before they are sold. These actions ensure high quality!

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And We have strong service and logistic department, only Lashes Order, 1 day can ship out your order after fully payment If you order custom boxes together with mink lashes, we need 4 days producing lash boxes, then ship out

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