How Do You Know If A Eyelash Vendor Is Legit Or Not?

How Do You Know If A Eyelash Vendor Is Legit Or Not?

Many partners told us that they encountered scammers Eyelash Vendor on the way to create their own eyelash business. If you encounter a scammer eyelash vendor, it will waste our time and money, and dampen our entrepreneurial enthusiasm. You must want to know how to avoid eyelash business fraud.

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Well, if you are planning to start your own eyelash business, or you have encountered such a situation eyelash vendor. Garnier Lashes will tell you how to avoid it.

1. First, we can check the website of the eyelash vendor.

If you meet an eyelash business fraudster, he will not have a complete business website. An eyelash vendor with a professional website will not be a liar.

2. Regular eyelash vendor can pay through PayPal.

PayPal is a strictly managed payment platform. In order to ensure your rights, we recommend that you use PayPal to pay. Use PayPal to pay, if you do not receive the goods, you can file a dispute with PayPal. If you encounter a fraud, PayPal can recover your payment.

3. The product has a video.

Many vendor only have pictures for you. Sometimes we can understand it clearly through pictures, but sometimes we can’t. If it is a qualified supplier, then his product should have video. If you have doubts about the supplier you have found, you can ask him to take a video of the product to show you.

4. Cargo tracking number.

When your vendor tells you that the goods have been shipped and gives you the tracking number, you can enter the tracking number into Google to query. If your goods have been shipped, you can see the relevant information on the inquiry page. If you cannot find any information with your tracking number, you need to ask your eyelash vendor for details to avoid being deceived.

Of course, if you choose Garnier Lashes as your partner, you don’t even need to consider these issues. Garnier Lashes is your reliable partner.

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