How to Care for Mink Lashes ?

How to Care for Mink Lashes ?

Once you discover the power of false eyelashes, you can never go back. Of course, it may take some time to master the application process, but once you master it, you can have the perfect eye-frame tassel at your fingertips when you need it. We especially like Garnier Lashes’ mink hair wig series. They are hand-made from super soft, cruelty-free hair that feels almost weightless on our eyelids. However, real mink eyelashes require some special TLC. Read on to learn how to keep your Garnier eyelashes in new condition after up to 25 wears.

Be gentle
Mink Eyelash Wholesale should be handled gently. When picking them up, please hold them with straps and avoid mink fur as much as possible. Do not pull when applying or removing. If you find it difficult to remove the eyelashes from your eyelids, moisten a cotton swab with water, and then gently wipe the tape to loosen the glue.

Clean occasionally
If the dry glue sticks to the 3D Mink Lash band, use your fingertips to gently peel it off. Remember, don’t pull or pull the strap. We recommend cleaning your eyelashes like this every two to three times.

Say no to soaking
Soaking Mink Eyelash Wholesale in water, makeup remover, alcohol or any other liquid can cause damage. Like the last step, use your fingertips to gently remove the dry glue from the strap to clean the velvet eyelashes, or wipe a wet cotton swab along the strap to loosen the glue and remove it.

Apply mascara carefully
Mascara may damage the mink skin, so don’t apply it directly on the eyelashes. Instead, apply mascara on the eyelashes first, let it dry, and then apply Lashes of Mink Lashes Vendors.

Proper storage is the key
Store your eyelashes in their original packaging to ensure they are safe, clean and free from dust, dirt and bacteria. This will also help maintain its shape after wear.