Is Service More Important Or Product More Important?

Is Service More Important Or Product More Important?

The entry barrier for eyelash business is relatively low, and it only requires very little capital to start. There are too many Eyelash Vendors in the market, so what is the most important thing to do in an eyelash business? Is it a high-quality product or a high-quality service?

Eyelash quality is the foundation.

If the quality of the product is not good, then there will be no customers to restock, and they will even tell the people around that the quality of the eyelashes is very bad. On the contrary, if your eyelashes are of very high quality, customers will be very pleasantly surprised after they receive them, and will recommend your eyelashes to friends, which will expand the visibility of your eyelashes and more customers will come to buy yours commodity.

Service is also very important.

High-quality service will retain many customers. A customer said to me, “Abby, I want to do business with you because your service attitude is so good. I need an Mink Eyelash Vendor like this, which makes me very relieved.” We will do our best in pre-sale service, sale service and after-sales service.

Garnier Lashes provides one-to-one service and arranges professional salespersons for each client. Before you buy eyelashes, we will let you know about our products and provide you with the most suitable purchase plan.

After you buy eyelashes, we will inform you of the production progress and logistics information of the product at any time, so that you can rest assured. After you receive the product, if there is any quality problem, we will solve it for you as soon as possible.

Products and services are equally important, choosing Garnier Lashes is the most correct choice. Come contact us!

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