Misunderstandings In The Use Of Eyelashes

Misunderstandings In The Use Of Eyelashes

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1. Use the wrong mascara

In many cases, makeup can easily cause eyelashes to fall off and damage, especially when pulling eyelashes. In addition, if the eyelash curler is stained with cosmetics, it is easy to stick to the eyelashes. This will put a burden on the back of the eyelashes, even if it is pulled by the roots, pay special attention to it!

2. Heavy makeup

Girls who often need heavy make-up should have a deep understanding. Every time you remove your makeup, your eyelashes will fall off! That’s because the eyelashes are under too much pressure. If you want to reduce the number of eyelashes and minimize the amount of heavy makeup, mascara will have a better effect, so that you will not cause too much damage to your eyelashes!

3. Incomplete makeup removal

Did you really remove the makeup hidden under the eyelashes? When removing makeup, not only need to clean a large area, but also pay attention to details. Remove makeup carefully with eye makeup remover. Otherwise, when you start to lose your eyelashes, you will regret it