The Only Chinese Mink Eyelash Vendors Guide You Need

The Only Chinese Mink Eyelash Vendors Guide You Need

Why are mink eyelashes so popular? In short, mink hair is super soft and smooth, bringing a perfect natural feeling to your eyes.The first thing to do is to know more about these eyelashes. Even if you don’t know anything, at the end of this article, you will know how to order from a five-star Chinese Mink Lash Vendors with your eyes closed.

Eyelash Type

Before you confirm that one type of eyelash is the best, it is very important that you should look at all types of eyelashes. Although there are hundreds of Mink Eyelash varieties today, the following are a selected few popular around the world.

Real mink: Here, the hair of live mink is used to make fluffy and soft mink eyelashes.

Artificial mink: Hair made of PBT fiber, not real mink hair

Color Lashes: whether you want to create an eye-catching layer or dramatic effect, today there are colored mink eyelashes, you can use all the basic tones.