What Is The Eyelash Packaging Box Made Of?

What Is The Eyelash Packaging Box Made Of?

For all Eyelash Packaging Boxes, we support customization. We can customize many different Eyelash Packaging in different ways. We use advanced 3D printing technology, which can print your private trademark or brand name on the Eyelash Packaging Box you choose, and can also be very flexible for you to choose to customize your Lash Box Packaging and the design you want according to your own design script.

Custom Paper Eyelash Packaging Box

Eyelash Paper Box is the cheapest Eyelash Box. We can provide you with many types of Eyelash Boxes.

Our eyelash carton is made of high-strength high-quality paper. It is strong and rigid to protect your false eyelashes from external bacteria and dust, and keep your mink eyelashes clean and tidy.

Custom Magnetic Lash Box Packaging

We also have creative Diy Lash Box for you to choose from. There are many types of magnetic Eyelash Boxes selling well. We also support custom magnetic eyelash packaging,You can get a luxury magnetic box with your brand name.

Custom Holographic Lash Box

Don’t forget the Eyelash Packaging with holographic design. Holographic eyelash packaging is also very popular in the market. I like the holographic design of Box Packaging materials, which glitters from different angles.

You can choose to customize your eyelash box holographic design mode. Here, you can choose the outer surface of the holographic design mode to cover the whole box, or you can choose to whip the bottom of the background file with the holographic mode inside the box, making your eyelash box particularly luxurious!

Custom Acrylic Lash Box

Acrylic materials are widely used to make Eyelash Packaging Boxes. We also provide acrylic packaging boxes with private logo printing. Acrylic packaging boxes are much stronger than plastic packaging boxes.

Here, you can choose any type of acrylic glass eyelash box. It is transparent and has no color. You can also choose the acrylic eyelash storage box with your logo according to your own requirements.