Will Mink Eyelashes Get Wet?

Will Mink Eyelashes Get Wet?

Will your 3D Mink LASHES get wet? Well, actually, it depends, most 3D Mink Lashes can’t get wet, and you can’t swim with your eyelashes. But our Garnier Lashes can!

Today I will tell you the secret of why other eyelashes are not wet after being applied, and show you the techniques used by your eyelash manufacturers.

And it will help you establish the correct buying concept for the next 3D Mink Lashes bulk order.

First, how to test the difference?

Well, we conducted a test to test whether our Luxury Lashes can maintain the best curling effect when wet. Finally, we discovered that our luxurious 3D mink eyelashes can swim!

We first destructively rub the eyelashes, then put them in water, then stir, when the eyelashes are completely soaked, we take them out and put them on dry paper.

To our surprise, the eyelashes returned to their original shape after drying!

But we cannot pass the experiment with ordinary eyelashes from other Mink Lashes Vendors.

Second, What Are The Reasons For This Difference?

After analyzing the whole process, we found that there are two main factors causing this difference.

1. Technology.
In order to save time and money, most eyelash wholesale factories will choose the simplest process to create curling and 3D effects. Sometimes they use chemical liquids to destroy the structure of mink fur to create curling and 3D effects. A good effect.

2. Production Speed.
This production method can save a lot of time and produce more eyelashes.

Third, what are the benefits of doing this?

1 Reduce the cost of 3D mink eyelashes
That is, it is easy to curl when using chemical liquid to produce mascara, and it is easy to buy cheap chemical liquid.

2 In Order To Save Production Time.
When they use chemical liquids to make 3d mink eyelashes, they will quickly shape the eyelashes, so they will make too many eyelashes.

3 Produce More 3D Mink Lashes.
They will produce more eyelashes than our physical process.

4 Make More Money.
They think the more eyelashes they sell, the more money they get.

But in fact, this is a wrong view. We tested the market and found that customers are more willing to choose luxury mink eyelashes at a reasonable price than ordinary eyelashes.

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